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Phantom Gesichter

Race and Class

First of all, reread through the description of your race and your class. These two components are important. Each race has its own history, culture, and customs. Likewise, each class has its own archetypes and themes that it explores.

1. How much do you align with the cultural identity of your race? Do you follow in the footsteps of your ancestors? If you venture outside of these norms, then why?

2. What expression of your class do you embody? Are you the epitome of what it means to be a (class), or are you an exception?


Whether you conformed, rebelled, or fell somewhere in-between, your background can have a large impact on your character’s beliefs, worldview, personality, and purpose.

3. Where were you born? What kind of family did you have? What social class did you belong to?

4. How would you describe your childhood? Do you keep in contact with any family members or close friends?

5. What is your religious background? Do you currently worship or revere any god(s)? Is there any god(s) that you despise?

6. Do you have any accomplishments you are proud of? Do you have any past mistakes that you are regretful of?

7. Do you have a profession, hobby, and/or talent?

8. Are you part of a town community, guild, religious order, or other organization?

9. Where is your current home? What kind of house do you have? Does anyone live with you?

10. Have you ever had a life-changing experience, such as:

  • Experienced a reoccurring supernatural dream
  • Being part of (or foretelling) a prophecy
  • Had contact with a powerful entity (i.e. angel, primal spirit, devil, fey)
  • Gone through a personal crisis
  • Survived a major illness or injury
  • Been altered by exposure to a magic effect
  • Found a mysterious object
  • Suffered subjugation under a villain or conquering army
  • Lost someone who was close to you


Alignment is a guideline by which you define your ethics and morals. Each alignment is robust, and gradually fades into others, usually without definite lines of separation.

11. Which of the following do you most closely align with?

  • You believe in defending moral codes, truth, honor, and civilization. (Lawful Good)
  • You have a good heart, but don’t get too wrapped up in ideals. (Good)
  • You are undecided, unconcerned, or neutral in regards to most matters of morality. (Unaligned)
  • You are willing to take advantage of others, or even harm them, for your own gain. (Evil- not recommended for PCs)
  • You are completely selfish, impulsive, untrustworthy, and destructive. (Chaotic Evil- not recommended for PCs)


Personality traits and physical traits are another way to give your character depth. Don’t be afraid of traits that are perceived as negative, for often these “weak spots” and personal conflicts make characters more compelling.

12. What is your body type, skin color, eye color, and hair color? Do you have any physical ailments? What kind of clothing do you wear?

13. Do you have any sayings or phrases that you use? Do you have a peculiar accent?

14. Are you more of an extrovert or an introvert?

15. Are you open to new ideas and inspiration or do you favor solid beliefs and proven routines?

16. Do you deal with stress well? Do you bottle up emotions? Do you take out frustration in less-than-constructive ways?

17. Do you generally get along with people or do you question the ways of others?


Goals, whether written in stone or loosely grasped, are the motivations that drive your character. Rate your character’s goals.

18. Wealth:

  • Personal abilities and ideals matter, wealth is superficial. (Low)
  • Magic items and coins definitely help, but aren’t everything. (Medium)
  • I want it all, and more. (High)

19. Glory:

  • I want to remain obscure. (Low)
  • I want people to remember my legacy. (Medium)
  • I want to be a legend sung about in all places, for all of time. (High)

20. Ideals:

  • Adventuring and collecting treasure is enough for me. (Low)
  • I hope to inspire people, and I usually enjoy showing others my point of view. (Medium)
  • The world and its people really need improving, and I dedicate my life to doing just that. (High)

21. Destiny:

  • I don’t give “my place in the world” much thought. I choose my own destiny as I see fit. (Low)
  • I feel I am finding a grander purpose, getting ever closer to it as time goes by. (Medium)
  • I was born for a great purpose, and my place in the world is set. (High)

22. Power

  • It is the small things in life that really matter. (Low)
  • I am definitely a cut or two above the typical adventurer, and I can prove it. (Medium)
  • Someday, I will rule the world, and none shall defy me. (High)

23. Love

  • I don’t have time for a relationship. (Low)
  • I would like to find that special someone. (Medium)
  • True love is the reason I get up every day. (High)

24. Wanderlust

  • I am content with keeping to my home city. (Low)
  • Affinity for exploration is a natural part of being an adventurer. (Medium)
  • I won’t rest until I’ve seen the whole world. And the Feywild. And the Astral Sea… (High)

25. What is a specific goal that you have, or something of importance that you desire to accomplish?

Keep in mind that these guidelines are by no means a straightjacket. They do not contain the near-limitless amount of possible character details that one could come up with. As well, characters naturally develop and take on more depth as time goes by. Above all else, create a character that you can get into and enjoy playing.

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