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3. Session:

1. Roll a d20. You want to roll high!
2. Add all relevant modifiers.
3. Compare the total to a target number.
If your check result is higher than or equal to the
target number, you succeed. If your check result is
lower than the target number, you fail.

Target Number, ist AC, Reflex, Will oder Fortitude, hat das Monster also 20ig AC, muss auch
eine 20ig gewürfelt werden.

A fighter/paladin/swordmage can only mark one target at a time (not counting a special specific power/ability). A warden can mark multiple targets at a time by using “Nature’s Wrath”.
A mark is only active until the end of the player’s next turn, until it is not other stated in the power or the mark is rewritten by another player.

A creature can only have one active mark on it at a time. So if a fighter, paladin, swordmage, and warden all mark the same creature, the last person to mark the target is the one that “sticks”
It’s clarified in PHB2, refer to p218 bottom sidebar, second paragraph (which is why it isn’t mentioned in the warden class since it’s clarified in the same book, so that future defenders don’t need that same extra text that the fighter/paladin have).

2. Session:

1. Minions können nicht critten.
2. Minions sterben bei einer cleave attack des fighters.

Minion: Minions are designed to serve as shock troops and cannon fodder for other monsters (standard, elite, or solo). Four minions are considered to be about the same as a standard monster of their level. Minions are designed to help fill out an encounter, but they go down quickly.

A minion is destroyed when it takes any amount of damage. Damage from an attack or from a source that doesn’t require an attack roll (such as the paladin’s divine challenge or the fighter’s cleave) also destroys a minion. However, if a minion is missed by an attack that normally deals damage on a miss, it takes no damage.

1. Session:

Sind die Monster nicht Intelligent, sollten sie ihrem Instinkt folgen, und eventuelle
Bewegungen dann auch zufällig ausgewürfelt werden. (Kayleth situation mit dem Wolf, und der Bewegung hinter dan Brennenden Schuppen.)

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